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Reinventing Your Life

Dr. Sampaio helps people dealing with the loss of their identity to reinvent themselves to have a more fulfilling life.

We'll strategize a plan to get you where you want to be. We'll target necessary issues & ultimate goals to your new identity and self.  We'll develop intentional healthy habits.

You'll take the lead by choosing to assimilate & implement new behaviors to imprint accomplishments into your daily routine. 

Together we'll witness the incredible transformations that will begin to manifest in yourself.

Our Goal

is to work with you in a cooperative

& supportive environment clarifying your options, strategyzing your choices & designing your desired outcome.  We'll utilize your insights & apply the best techniques which in turn will help you head from where you are to the place you want to be. 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Art Therapist, Life Coach & Author

Meet Dr. Rita Sampaio

In overcoming traumatic events, I realized I could merge my 3 decades of professional experience as a psychologist with my academic training to Coach people to reinvent themselves after going through a traumatic event and/or losing their identity. 

We all have a story to tell, obstacles to overcome, and dreams to fulfill. I have carefully compiled my work expertise and personal strategies to help you deal, master and overcome the most pressing issues in your life.


What I Specialize In

Exploring beliefs & values and defining purpose

Exploring, choosing and adopting positive habits

Setting healthy goals for a balanced daily routine

Helping you reinvent yourself and create a joyful and purposeful life

Our Approach

Interior Design Objects

We use a combination of several techniques and strategies drawn from psychology, philosophy, neurolinguistics programming (NLP), meditation, self-hypnosis, among many others, and praise ourselves for individualized approaches according to a client's need. 

In our coaching sessions we discuss circumstances, facilitate exploration of thoughts, emotional reactions, and clarify desired outcomes. Clients are able to uncover positive traits and self-defeating behaviors, which increase their ability to choose where they want to be and who they want to become. 



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Book Now

My Latest Book

 I wrote Reinventing Yourself: The Guide to Navigate Life Transitions and Resilience after a Traumatic Event for those dealing with the aftermath of a life crisis and a loss of their identities. The book is designed for people who are committed to doing the work it takes to get on a healthy path of reinventing themselves in the new reality they are currently living in.


Whether you're dealing with serious health issues, the loss of a loved one, being wrongly accused and incarcerated, unemployment, retirement, divorce, adoption, natural disasters, an empty nest, etc. this book was curated with you in mind.

Invest in yourself; let's work to make your life goals come true!



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