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Meet Dr. Sampaio

Licensed Psychologist, Art Therapist, Author & Life Coach

Dr. Sampaio has been a Life Coach, Art Therapist & Author for the past few years, after retiring from a 30-year career practicing Psychology.

Dr. Sampaio now has a private practice where she offers online Life Coaching services for people that went through a traumatic life event impacting their identities, careers, or any other areas of their lives, to reinvent themselves. 


Her fine-tuned, goal-setting practice, The Sampaio Method, has inspired numerous clients to go through the process of dealing with a crisis, mastering life transitions, and then becoming whom they dream to be.

Dr. Sampaio’s techniques are drawn from several psychological, educational & philosophical schools of thought. She is a Licensed Psychologist, Art Therapist, Author, Life Coach & has a post-doctoral degree in Neuropsychopharmacology. 

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