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We have designed a complete online coaching experience for you, including instructional videos, readings & weekly conference calls. We use The Sampaio Method, Dr. Sampaio's premier goal-setting practice, to guide you through your life's challenges and help you achieve the goals you desire.


Explore below how you can get started!

Step 1: Learn about our kickoff program

8-week track

If you’re currently facing a life change that is impacting your general well-being and affecting many other areas of your life, this 2-month program will help you clarify the impact of that challenge in all areas of your life. Through weekly conference calls, Q&A, webinars, forum groups, and private meetings, we will work to clarify your inner issues and design a plan of action to get you out of it and lead you where you want to go.

All tracks include...

Private calls with Dr. Sampaio each month

Weekly conference calls with Q/A sessions. 

Structured online classes with videos, readings, and hands-on activities.

Access to a discussion forum for greater support.

Step 2: Complete the application form

We want to make sure that we're a great fit for you, and you're a great fit for us. 

Let's get to know you!

Step 3: Please let us know when we can call.

Choose your availability for a 50-minute phone call with Dr. Rita Sampaio. 

A follow-up call where we will be visiting each of your submitted answers and goals, discussing the ways to achieve these goals, and planning necessary actions. By the en...
Initial Consultation
45 min

Step 4: Place your payment.

Choose your payment method below.

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